Deliverance is a novel by James Dickey, published in 1970. It tells the story of four men from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, who embark on a weekend canoe trip down a remote river in the north Georgia mountains. The men, Ed Gentry, Lewis Medlock, Bobby Trippe, and Drew Ballinger, are all from different backgrounds and have different motivations for the trip.

The novel begins with Ed, Lewis, Bobby, and Drew meeting at a gas station in the city of Atlanta. They load their canoes and supplies into a truck and drive to the river. Along the way, they discuss their motivations for the trip and the dangers they may face. Once they arrive at the river, they begin their journey.

The men soon find themselves in a remote and dangerous area of the river. They encounter a group of hillbillies who threaten them and try to take their supplies. The men manage to escape, but the experience leaves them shaken. As they continue down the river, they encounter more danger, including a dangerous rapid and a group of men hunting them.

The men eventually make it to the end of the river, but not without suffering some losses. Ed is injured and Bobby is killed. The remaining three men are left to deal with the aftermath of their journey. They must come to terms with the death of their friend and the danger they faced.

The novel is a story of survival and courage in the face of danger. It is also a story of friendship and loyalty, as the men come together to face the challenges of the river. The novel is a classic of American literature and has been adapted into a movie. It is a story of adventure and courage that will stay with readers long after they have finished the book.