Loving Frank is a novel by Nancy Horan that tells the story of Mamah Borthwick Cheney and her passionate affair with Frank Lloyd Wright. The novel is based on the true story of Mamah and Frank, and it follows their relationship from its beginnings in 1909 to its tragic end in 1914.

The novel begins with Mamah, a married woman with two children, meeting Frank Lloyd Wright, a renowned architect. Despite their age difference and the fact that Mamah is married, the two quickly become close and eventually fall in love. Mamah and Frank decide to leave their respective spouses and children and move to Europe together.

The novel follows Mamah and Frank as they travel around Europe, exploring different cities and cultures. They eventually settle in Fiesole, Italy, where they live together for two years. During this time, Mamah and Frank are happy and content, but they are also aware of the scandal their relationship has caused in the United States.

Back in the United States, Mamah's husband, Edwin, is struggling to cope with the scandal and the fact that his wife and children have left him. He eventually decides to take legal action against Frank, which leads to a long and drawn-out court battle.

Meanwhile, Mamah and Frank are struggling with their own issues. Mamah is torn between her love for Frank and her love for her children, and she is also struggling to find her place in the world. Frank is also struggling with his own demons, including his fear of failure and his inability to commit to Mamah.

The novel ends tragically, with Mamah and Frank both dead. Mamah is killed in a tragic accident, and Frank commits suicide shortly after. The novel ends with Edwin, Mamah's husband, reflecting on his life and the tragedy of Mamah and Frank's relationship.

Loving Frank is a heartbreaking story of love, loss, and tragedy. It is a story of two people who were unable to find happiness in a world that was not ready to accept their love. It is a story of a woman who was willing to risk everything for love, and a man who was unable to commit to her. It is a story of a love that was doomed from the start, but one that will never be forgotten.