Nostromo is a novel by Joseph Conrad, first published in 1904. It is set in the fictional South American country of Costaguana, and tells the story of a silver mine and its workers. The novel follows the lives of several characters, including the mine's owner, a revolutionary leader, and a British expatriate.

The novel begins with the arrival of Charles Gould, a British expatriate, to the fictional South American country of Costaguana. He has come to take over the silver mine that his father had owned, and to make it a success. He is accompanied by his wife, Emilia Gould, and his friend, the Italian sailor Nostromo.

Nostromo is a larger-than-life figure, a man of great courage and strength. He is also a man of great ambition, and he quickly becomes the most important figure in the town of Sulaco, where the silver mine is located. He is respected by the locals, and is seen as a leader.

The novel follows the lives of the characters as they struggle to make the silver mine a success. Charles Gould is determined to make the mine profitable, but he is opposed by the local political leader, Don Jose Avellanos. Don Jose is a revolutionary leader, and he is determined to keep the mine in the hands of the people of Costaguana.

The novel follows the struggles between Charles Gould and Don Jose, as well as the struggles of the people of Sulaco. The novel also follows the lives of the characters as they are affected by the political turmoil in Costaguana.

The novel culminates in a dramatic climax, as Nostromo is forced to make a difficult decision. He must choose between his loyalty to Charles Gould and his loyalty to the people of Costaguana. In the end, he chooses to remain loyal to Charles Gould, and the silver mine is saved.

Nostromo is a novel of great depth and complexity. It is a story of ambition, loyalty, and the struggle between the powerful and the powerless. It is a story of courage and strength, and of the power of friendship. It is a story of a man who is willing to risk everything for what he believes in.