Scoop is a novel by Evelyn Waugh, first published in 1938. It is a satire of the British newspaper industry and tells the story of William Boot, a young and inexperienced journalist who is sent to cover a war in the fictional African country of Ishmaelia. Boot is a nature writer for the Daily Beast, a London-based newspaper, and is sent to Ishmaelia to cover a civil war that is taking place there.

The novel follows Boot as he navigates the unfamiliar world of war journalism and the corrupt and chaotic world of Ishmaelia. He is accompanied by a number of other journalists, including the experienced Lord Copper, the editor of the Daily Beast, and the unscrupulous Mr. Salter, a rival journalist from the rival newspaper, the Daily Brute. Boot is initially overwhelmed by the chaos and corruption of Ishmaelia, but gradually learns to navigate the situation and eventually becomes a successful war correspondent.

The novel is filled with humorous and satirical moments, as Waugh pokes fun at the British newspaper industry and the absurdity of war. Boot is an endearing and sympathetic character, and his naivety and innocence make him an easy target for the corrupt and unscrupulous characters he encounters. The novel also explores the themes of loyalty and friendship, as Boot is forced to choose between his loyalty to the Daily Beast and his friendship with Mr. Salter.

The novel ends with Boot returning to England, having gained a newfound respect for the profession of journalism and a greater understanding of the world. He is also reunited with his beloved fiancée, who had been waiting for him in England. The novel is a humorous and satirical look at the world of journalism and war, and is a classic of British literature.